ISO 6431 Tie Rod, Single Rod, Double Acting

Integrated Automation produces ISO 6431 and ISO 15552 cylinders to order in our Easley, South Carolina Facility.
We can provide same day shipping, two day, or three day expedited shipping to your location. 
Unlike our competitors, we regularly supply various stroke lengths of 1-2000 millimeters, special rod extensions,
rod brakes, and trunion mounts from stock at our facility. No stroke is special and no mount is special for us.
We also supply competitor interchanges for most major brands of metric or European cylinders on a daily basis. 
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NEW 2D and 3D CAD Generator TIE Rod Design
Common Bores and Strokes produced. Please note, we produce to order, so all strokes are considered standard for us. 
Select the model number to order or search by specific bore
ISO 6431 Double Acting, Tie Rod Design , Single Rod, Magnetic Piston, Cushioned both ends standard  
Stroke X Bore  25mm  50mm  75mm  100mm 125mm   150mm  200mm  250mm 300mm  400mm 
32 CXJ032A02M0025BAC CXJ032A02M0050BAC CXJ032A02M0075BAC CXJ032A02M0100BAC CXJ032A02M0125BAC CXJ032A02M0150BAC CXJ032A02M0200BAC CXJ032A02M0250BAC CXJ032A02M0300BAC  CXJ032A02M0400BAC
40 CXJ040A02M0025BAC  CXJ040A02M0050BAC  CXJ040A02M0075BAC  CXJ040A02M0100BAC  CXJ040A02M0125BAC  CXJ040A02M0150BAC  CXJ040A02M0200BAC  CXJ040A02M0250BAC  CXJ040A02M0300BAC  CXJ040A02M0400BAC
50 CXJ050A02M0025BAC  CXJ050A02M0050BAC  CXJ050A02M0075BAC  CXJ050A02M0100BAC  CXJ050A02M0125BAC  CXJ050A02M0150BAC  CXJ050A02M0200BAC  CXJ050A02M0250BAC  CXJ050A02M0300BAC  CXJ050A02M0400BAC
63 CXJ063A02M0025BAC  CXJ063A02M0050BAC CXJ063A02M0075BAC  CXJ063A02M0100BAC  CXJ063A02M0125BAC  CXJ063A02M0150BAC  CXJ063A02M0200BAC  CXJ063A02M0250BAC  CXJ063A02M0300BAC  CXJ063A02M0400BAC
80 CXJ080A02M0025BAC  CXJ080A02M0050BAC  CXJ080A02M0075BAC  CXJ080A02M00100BAC  CXJ080A02M0125BAC  CXJ080A02M0150BAC  CXJ080A02M0200BAC  CXJ080A02M0250BAC  CXJ080A02M0300BAC  CXJ080A02M0400BAC
100 CXJ100A02M0025BAC  CXJ100A02M0050BAC  CXJ100A02M0075BAC  CXJ100A02M0100BAC  CXJ100A02M0125BAC  CXJ100A02M0150BAC  CXJ100A02M0200BAC  CXJ100A02M0250BAC  CXJ100A02M0300BAC  CXJ100A02M0400BAC
125 CXJ125A02M0025BAC  CXJ125A02M0050BAC  CXJ125A02M0075BAC  CXJ125A02M0100BAC  CXJ125A02M0125BAC  CXJ125A02M0150BAC  CXJ125A02M0200BAC  CXJ125A02M0250BAC  CXJ125A02M0300BAC  CXJ125A02M0400BAC
160 CXJ160A02M0025BAC  CXJ160A02M0050BAC  CXJ160A02M0075BAC  CXJ160A02M0100BAC  CXJ160A02M0125BAC  CXJ160A02M0150BAC  CXJ160A02M0200BAC  CXJ160A02M0250BAC  CXJ160A02M0300BAC  CXJ160A02M0400BAC
200 CXJ200A02M0025BAC CXJ200A02M0050BAC CXJ200A02M0075BAC CXJ200A02M0100BAC CXJ200A02M0125BAC CXJ200A02M0150BAC CXJ200A02M0200BAC CXJ200A02M0250BAC CXJ200A02M0300BAC CXJ200A02M0400BAC

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